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How A Freelance Writer Should Be Paid Per Word - Tips To Consider

It is not always easy to determine what you should charge for your services when you are a freelance writer. There is no way to know what other people submitting proposals have charged for their services. You must be able to compete with them without bringing the average pay for the services down. Most writers will set their rates according to how many words they write. It is a really common way to charge for writing services because the more words you have to write, the longer it will take.

There are a few tips that you should consider when you are deciding how much you should charge for your services. Different papers or papers used for different functions should be charged a little differently. These tips will guide you in charging reasonable rates.

  1. Determine the type of piece that you are doing
  2. Papers that require research will be more expensive than ones on general knowledge. If you need to conduct research to write the papers, you should charge more for your services. Where you would charge a dollar for 100 words in a paper without research, you would charge almost three dollars for 100 words when research is involved if not more.

  3. Experience matters when it comes to pricing
  4. Even if you have been writing for a while, you may need to charge lower rates when you first start with a freelancing company until you build up your clientele and rank through that company. When you are first starting off, you should charge less because you are not an experienced freelance writer yet and you need to build your clientele and experience. You may even need to do a job or two for free just to get some experience.

  5. Promotional pieces are worth a lot more
  6. If you do copywriting, the rates are significantly higher because you are writing for the purpose of promoting a product or service. These papers have to include a call to action and work to get the customer to buy the product, contact the company, or enter their contact information. Because the piece can accomplish these goals, the customer is willing to pay more for them.

Do some research and see what the average rates are for different writing jobs so that you can be in the ball park when you submit a proposal.


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