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How To Work As A Business Plan Freelance Writer: 4 Vital Suggestions

Working as a freelance writer, one never knows when one might come across a project that seems just a little out of depth. Most freelance writer often put business writing in that category. It is not only because of the omnipresent jargon, but also due to the numerous concepts that have to be applied at every level. Thus, most writers, except for those with a related field of study, shy away from Business Writing. If you are one of them, then here are four vital suggestions on how to work as a Business plan freelance writer:

Understand what a Business Plan is:

All the giants and gurus of the business world would agree that no matter the impulse, conducting business requires a keen sense of intuition and foresight, which is why people make business plans.

The details of a business plan include:

  • - Market Conditions
  • - Target Audience
  • - Brand/Product’s performance until the present time
  • - Suggestions/measures to promote the brand/product on various platforms
  • - Objectives and Goals
  • - Budget details on how to achieve specified goals
  • - Vision Statement

What should you pay attention to?

This doesn’t mean that you should concentrate on only some parts of the plan and forget the others. If you want to create a good, feasible plan, you need to map each step of the way perfectly.

  • - Ask the client for a detailed account of their company, brand and product. This will help you in drafting the background, services, vision statement, and objectives of the company.
  • - Make sure to also ask for the sales figures, market figures and recent studies in the product or the brand’s category. These figures will come in handy when mapping out the market conditions.

Writing about the Market Conditions:

Companies conduct what is called a SWOT Analysis when writing about market conditions. The term SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats. As is evident by the name, this document mentions the brand/product’s strengths and weaknesses and identifies potential threats and opportunities.

  • - A writer will not be asked to conduct the analysis him or herself. However, when summarizing the findings of the study, be sure to cover each and every point mentioned in clear terms.

The target audience:

A brand or a product’s target audience refers to the sect of people that it caters to. A brand’s objectives and goals center on the needs of its target audience, which needs to be defined on the basis of its preferences and lifestyle choices.

  • - Keep in mind that the brand should cater to their audience entirely, and promotional activities should be suggested keeping in mind the same.


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