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What Is Freelance Writing About: 10 Tips For Beginners

Freelance writers are people who have chosen a creative profession that enables them to write on a number of topics. These people write a lot of web content and are copywriters for any number of clients. They also provide information for blog sites that both entertain and educate. You may be sitting in a cubicle at work, wishing that you could strike out on your own as a freelance writer. It is not impossible but there are couple things you should keep in mind as you go down this independent route.

  1. Be Willing to Start out Small. You may want to have an article in Time magazine, but that might not happen for a while. Be willing to build up your portfolio with article submitted to websites or to regional magazines. They do not pay as much but it’s a start.
  2. Subscribe to a Number of Freelance Writing Sites. You’re going to have to look for clients and that should not be just restricted to Craigslist or a career job board. There are a number of freelance writing websites you want to be a part of. These will have postings for various people or companies looking for a writer. You can bid on these and perhaps secure an assignment.
  3. Be Reasonable with Your Bids. If you are bidding on a posted job assignment, be sure to ask a reasonable price. You do not necessarily have to bid low, but you should not be the highest bidder unless you have a superior portfolio and good references.
  4. Develop a Specific Area. Although you want to write on as many topics as possible, try to find a particular subject that you can become proficient at writing about. They can help you develop a distinctive portfolio. You can successfully bid on assignments that cover your topic.
  5. Always Be Willing to Edit. No matter how good a writer you may be there is a possibility of some making some mistakes. Never hand in an assignment until you have proofread it at least twice.
  6. Take Rejection in Stride. Every freelance writer is going to get a bid turned down. It is all part of the business and you should not get discouraged if you are rejected a few times.
  7. Deadlines Are Sacred. If you have a deadline for any writing assignment, you must make sure that you meet that. Clients do not appreciate extension requests and you need to budget your time to see to it that your work is handed in at the deadline.
  8. Write Every Day. If you’re going to be a writer you have to be working at your craft. Spend some time every day writing and you’ll become extremely proficient in no time at all.
  9. Consider Writing a Blog. This is actually a good marketing idea and can showcase your writing to prospective clients. Do not turn the blog into an angst page; nobody wants to read about bad news. Instead, concentrate on providing excellent content that people can use.
  10. Think About Buying Dragon Software. This is software package that allows you to dictate into a headset and have the words appear on a Word document. It can increase your productivity by roughly one-third and that means you accept more paying clients.


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Expand Your Job Search and Add More Sources to Your List of Freelance Writing Resources

Keep your source list updated and continue expanding your search options. Sometimes writers are not able to land good writing jobs because they don’t expand where they look. In many cases good jobs are not advertised. You need know where to look and who to get in touch with when it comes to reputable sources with writing job leads. Great writers will know where to go to get work. This means your resource list should be diverse with leads in different niches. You should have an idea of which niches and writing jobs are in demand and those that offer lucrative earnings on a regular basis.