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A Quick Guide To Getting Freelance Remote Writing Jobs

Working as a freelance writer can be an incredibly freeing process. In order to find part-time or full-time jobs as a freelance writer you will have to work with a reputable freelance platform. When you work with a freelance platform it makes life significantly easier by connecting you to available jobs on a regular basis. Many years ago freelance writer would have to find clients on their own. This process would take a great deal of searching. But today you can sign up with a website and immediately connect yourself to new jobs. These websites post new jobs from around the world which means that you can check for new jobs at any hour. New jobs are posted regularly. You do not have to wait for days or weeks. But there are differences between the websites.

  • Some websites cater directly to newer writers. These websites are a great place to start if you are new to the world of freelance writing and you lack any online credentials. Many writers today may have some level of experience but if you do not have an online presence companies may hesitate to hire you. When you begin working with a website that caters to beginners you do not have to worry about landing your first job because they make the process significantly easier. The catch is that these websites have an established pay scale. So you are limited in terms of how much money you can make per job. The benefit is that you are able to access regular new work and receive instantaneous payment for the work that you complete. This gives you an opportunity to cultivate an online presence so that you can start to transition to websites that offer flexible payments. With websites designed for beginners the only thing you have to do is look at what jobs are available and click on a button that indicates you are interested area then the job becomes yours immediately. There is no process of bidding or competing with other freelancers. When you decide to transition to other websites which cater to experience freelance writers you will have to bid on each job as though you were applying to a new company.

  • When you reach this level it becomes decidedly more difficult to get every job that you want and you will find that many times you do not.


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Expand Your Job Search and Add More Sources to Your List of Freelance Writing Resources

Keep your source list updated and continue expanding your search options. Sometimes writers are not able to land good writing jobs because they don’t expand where they look. In many cases good jobs are not advertised. You need know where to look and who to get in touch with when it comes to reputable sources with writing job leads. Great writers will know where to go to get work. This means your resource list should be diverse with leads in different niches. You should have an idea of which niches and writing jobs are in demand and those that offer lucrative earnings on a regular basis.