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Working As A Freelance Writer: 10 Rules For Beginners

Freelance writing is an appealing career to many people across the globe. There are many benefits, such as being able to work from a remote location, and being able to make your own schedule. Many people start off making many mistakes and burn out, dropping out of the profession completely. Make use of these 10 beginner rules to start off your career with a bang.

Rule 1: English Proficiency

Your English skills will need to be up to scratch and be of a very high standard. You should be able to write with perfect spelling and grammar, since your whole job revolves around your ability to write. If you do not think your English writing skills are up to par, read Basic English grammar books to improve.

Rule 2: Resilience

It can be a little disheartening to not get many clients at the start, but this is normal since you are a rookie, and no one will take a rookie over an experienced writer, which brings me on to my second point….

Rule 3: Pricing

Price yourself according to your experience. Since you are starting off do not demand $50 an hour, as this is too steep a price to pay for someone who has little to no experience. At the start be reasonable for what you charge and raise your prices as you gain experience.

Rule 4: Portfolio

When you start off your portfolio will be empty, but it doesn’t need to remain so. Any writing you have done in your life can be included here, including essays done at school and college.

Rule 5: Advertisement

Advertise to your friends and family that you are a freelance writer, and if they need any writing to be done they know whom to look for. Also join freelance marketplaces online.

Rule 6: Freelance Marketplace

There are many freelance marketplaces online for writers where you can find work. Make sure to complete every section of your profile and have a very good and catchy profile description. Make it clear which services you offer.

Rule 7: Proposals

On such freelance marketplaces, you can write proposals to client to get their jobs. Do not copy and paste the same proposal for every job you find, make a new proposal from scratch for every job you apply for.

Rule 8: Diversify Your Skills

So you are a freelance writer. That’s great. Anyone can sit on a keyboard and write. You should take up learning new skills within writing that broaden your horizons, such as SEO writing and copywriting.

Rule 9: Be cordial with clients

Be very friendly and professional with clients, this cannot be stressed enough. In many cases clients will give you more work if they think you did a good job the first time.

Rule 10: Be Organised

You will have many deadlines to meet for various clients. Keep on top of your work and make sure everything in handed in on time.

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