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Pros And Cons Of Part-Time Writing Jobs: A Professional View

When it comes to developing a career as a part-time writer, there are various pros and cons that you should be aware of. Of course, one of the first things that you need to be aware of is whether or not you can develop a career yourself - if you are not very good at writing, then the chances are that a career as a writer might not be for you.

Equally, if you want to become a part-time writer to write stories and other fictional work, then you should be aware of how difficult it is to make a living in this way. Of course, things to the Internet, it is possible to self-publish these days become however, only a small minority of writers actually make a reasonable amount of money in this way.

However, if you want to become a writer who creates articles, web content or a wide range of other written work, including copywriting jobs, then there are many opportunities available, particularly if you use any of the major freelance websites on the Internet. Nevertheless, the following will outline various pros and cons relating to part-time writing work.

You get to choose which hours you work

One of the main advantages is that you get to choose which hours you work. This is particularly useful if you only want to work part-time, as it enables you to get the work around other responsibilities that you may have. For example, if you are a stay-at-home parent or student, then part-time writing jobs can enable you to make extra money whilst also looking up to your children, or completing your studies.

You can minimize the costs and time of commuting

Another great benefit to part-time writing jobs is that you can work from home, which means you can minimize the time and costs related to travel and commuting.

Sometimes you can struggle to find good quality work

One of the main disadvantages, however, is that sometimes there will be a real lack of work, and a lack of regular income is not ideal for everyone.

Sometimes clients are never happy, no matter how good the work is

Another drawback to part-time writing jobs is that, if you work for a wide variety of different clients, sooner or later you will probably come across a client who is very difficult to work with. In fact, occasionally you will have clients who are difficult to please, no matter how good the work is that you do. Thankfully, with a bit of experience, it makes it much easier to spot these clients, and you can simply avoid taking work from them.


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