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What Are The Main Responsibilities Of A Freelance Copywriter

As an industry, copywriting has changed over the years. In the past, copywriting was mainly used for creating advertisements. Today, many writers list copywriting on their resumes. For some writers, this industry includes any style of writing that requires creativity and an innovative perspective.

The General Focus of Copy Writing

Overall, copywriting tends to focus on creating advertising copy, brochures or marketing plans. The writer may design a title or a slogan for a campaign. It is also their responsibility to create articles, speeches and training manuals for the company. In some cases, this field of writing may extend to developing business plans, advertisement scripts and website content. The main requirement of this field is creativity and a strong writing ability. Writers will focus on different advertising or marketing techniques.

Entering the Industry

Depending on the type of project, writers may be able to begin a career in this field immediately. Basic website content and article creation projects can generally be found on freelance websites. For in-depth, highly paid projects in advertising, the writer will need to have a strong writing ability and extensive work experience. To learn more about the field, there are courses available through the AWAI. These courses will help the writer to learn about the field and network with potential clients.

The Changing Face of the Industry

Twenty or thirty years ago, copywriters were often used to design jngles or advertising slogans. With the advent of the Internet, creative writers were needed to create Internet content. Today, many modern copywriters create website content, blogs or press releases. Copy may appear in non-traditional venues like social media.

Due to changes in the industry, a good copywriter will be able to use concepts like search engine optimization (SEO) in what they write. SEO is a technique that focuses on keywords that alert the search engines to the content of a website. It is used as an organic marketing technique for boosting a company's profile online. Since most companies have a business website, it is a necessary skill for every copywriter.

Proofreading, Consulting and Design Work

At times, the writer's task will go beyond just creating the written word. They may be tasked with helping design a website, brochure or advertisement. Some clients will not know the best ways to advertise their company. In these examples, the writer must consult with the client and teach them different marketing techniques.


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