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How to Be a Great Freelance Writer: 5 Must-Have Features of a Professional

If you want to pursue a career of a freelance writer, you should realize what features distinguish amateurs from professional writers. Both should have passions for writing and researching, be able to plan their time, and possess strong writing and editing skills. However, great freelancers also have the following 5 important features:

  1. Take responsibility.
  2. You cannot leave your tasks for the end of the week or month. You should take responsibility and use time management tools in order to complete everything before the deadline, so you will have some time to make changes and corrections if needed. Clients really appreciate when you get things done earlier without compromising the quality.

  3. Communicate efficiently.
  4. The ability to communicate well is very important, as you need to make clear what you can do and understand what your clients need to be done. A professional delivers great results because he or she always spends some time trying to figure out the client’s needs before starting a project. You should also be open and explain what you can actually do without overstating your talents.

  5. Stay flexible.
  6. Though many amateur freelancers try to work with as many clients as possible, professionals limit themselves to a certain number of projects. They do not want to compromise the quality of their work, so they plan their work carefully to make sure they have enough time to complete the projects before the deadlines. Multitasking skills help them reach their working goals, and thus amateur writers should also develop these skills.

  7. Develop their pricing strategies.
  8. Professionals value their work and understand how much their clients are willing to pay for different projects. It is important to know how to negotiate the reasonable price level while considering the terms and conditions offered by a certain client. Though a potential client understands that a professional’s training, experience, and education matter; he or she will want to pay solely for the benefits the writing services offer.

  9. Learn new things.
  10. Today, freelancers should be ready to learn new things all the time. They have various projects and often have to study new topics, writing styles, and formatting rules. Employers do not want to waste their time working with freelancers who do not learn from their mistakes or avoid using new approaches. In other words, the ability to learn things fast and the readiness to implement them are important features of freelance writer professionals.


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