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Common Struggles On The Way To Becoming A Freelance Writer

If you want to become a freelance writer, you should consider both advantages and disadvantages of this profession. The pros of being a freelancer are obvious while many individuals do not see common struggles on the way to becoming freelance writers. The list below contains some information that it is better to consider first.

  1. The biggest problem you face is finding clients:
  2. It is true that about one percent of freelance writers make more than ninety percent of the income generated in the field. This means that other ninety-nine percent of freelancers are looking for jobs and cannon make thousands upon thousands of dollars each month. The market is very competitive; you should work a lot in order to find your clients and earn enough money to feel satisfied.

  3. Time is money:
  4. Everyone knows that time is the most valuable resource that people have. However, you should put lots of efforts in order to benefit from it. Many freelancers agree that they just cannot ever get enough of it. They are paid based on hours they have spent writing a piece of text, but they have other responsibilities as well, and they have troubles trying to balance everything. It takes time to understand what your first priority is, and learn to spend time on it wisely.

  5. Great ideas do not come from nowhere:
  6. The beginners often have many ideas and can write articles, posts, and blogs all day long. However, later many professional freelance writers experience lack of ideas which limits their growth. In fact, they spend too much time hunting for ideas and suffer from stresses. WritingJobz is a trusted website where you can get interesting jobs.

  7. Distractions are common struggles for many freelancers:
  8. This can be dangerous when you cannot concentrate if someone is doing something around. Messages, TV, music, social networks, and phone calls can make your working session a nightmare. Technologies surround us, they are extremely helpful, but sometimes can put a dent on your income.

  9. You can do your job effectively until you start procrastinating:
  10. Procrastination is deadly for any kind of activities you are involved in. However, it is even worse when it comes to freelance writing. If you are watching movies when you are supposed to be working, it means that you are procrastinated. Remember that business before pleasure is a good rule to follow. However, make sure that you have enough time for fun and rest, otherwise you can end up procrastinating and dreaming about your vacation.


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