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Basic Guide To Help You Land Good Freelance Technical Writing Jobs

A technical writing job requires a freelance writer to create well-crafted materials that ensure effective communication between companies and their clients in different fields. These materials are how-to manuals, instructions, informational materials, and other papers that improve technical communication. If you want to build your career as a technical writer, you should pay your attention to such fields as medicine, pharmaceuticals, IT-technologies, scientific industries, and business.

How to Get Started in the Field of Freelance Technical Writing

The following guidelines will help you start your career as a freelance technical writer:

  1. Get a proper education.
  2. That position requires special skills, so completing a degree in technical writing seems a good idea. You can attend a college or enroll in an online course in technical writing and English composition.

  3. Choose your specialization.
  4. It is important for you to decide whether you want to follow a scientific, technical, or medical career path. You should consider something that is interesting to you. You can also start writing about an area related to your work experience.

  5. Improve your computer skills.
  6. You need to become an advanced PC user so that you would be able to solve the working issues easily. Get familiar with useful applications, such as online dictionaries, word processors, bibliographic software, etc., and learn speed typing.

  7. Gain experience in technical writing.
  8. You should boost your portfolio to attract new clients. So, become a member of a professional organization, volunteer to write an instruction for your colleague, or start a blog about how to use smart watches, for example.

  9. Find your first job.
  10. This is fine to start small, so do not search for a perfect freelance technical writing job. Instead, find a long-term project that will allow you to work with a mentor and learn more about the field.

    Where to Find Reliable Freelance Technical Writing Jobs

    It is always hard to find your first freelance writing job. You should work on your professional network, consider moving to a technological or production hub, and identify what companies may require your services. Although you can find plenty of open positions on the job boards online, it also makes sense to look around and consider working in the office for some time.

    Do not hesitate to attend job fairs, major business events in your area, and create an appropriate profile in social media. You should share your career plans with your friends and family members so that they could spread a word.


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